Use Cases

Capacity Analysis

STREETVAL can perform arterial capacity analysis based on Highway Capacity Manual (HCM)

Work Zone Impact Assessment Analysis

STREETVAL can perform work zone impact assessment analysis based on Highway Capacity Manual (HCM)

Travel Time Reliability

STREETVAL can assess the reliability of a urban street system based on Highway Capacity Manual (HCM)


STREETVAL is a free tool, and all versions in listed in this section can be downloaded from this website. Note that, the HCM base version is also availble at


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What are the Operating System Requirements for STREETVAL?

STREETVAL is developed in Java environment and as such it can be run under any operating systems ranging from MS Windoes and Mac OS to Linux operating system. The only requirement is to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 8 and later.

How Similar or Different is STREETVAL Compared to HCM?

STREETVAL replicates the urban streets analysis in Highway Capacity Manual (HCM). All methods documented in Chapters 16 through 19 are implemented in STREETVAL.

What do I need to do if I have Questions or Problems Using STREETVAL?

If you have any problems using STREETVAL, please do not hesitate to contact us at

What would it take for me to customize STREETVAL to my own specific use cases?

We do customize STREETVAL to match your specific needs. This can range from connecting STREETVAL to in-house data sources to standard reports generations. please do not hesitate to contact us at



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